cast-soma-snakeoilSoma Snakeoil: Madame Snakeoil is a pragmatic, sensual sadist with a penchant for bizarre sexual exploits. She owns and operates a successful brothel that functions in the outskirts of New Orleans shadowy fetish sex district. She has the ability to turn anyone into a groveling servant or moaning sex kitten with a few skillful flicks of her whip and a playful look in her eye. The Madame uses her servants, whores and companions to entertain her own voracious sexual desires.

cast-nikki-nefariousNikki Nefarious: Renowned from the exotic Orient to the prairies of the wild West, this lascivious Domina is known for her dextarious use of rope to control and excite her victims. Miss Nefarious is true to her namesake as she aids Madame Snakeoil in her quest to defile patrons of filth in their deviant lair. From her roots on a cattle ranch in the remote prairies of Kansas, Miss Nefarious honed her skills at capturing and tying. With her bags full of shiny clothes, ropes and the reddest rouge she moved to become Rubber Bordello’s resident bondage expert.

cast-sparky-sinclaireSparky Sinclaire: This animated young vixen makes her home in the opulence of Rubber Bordello. As an enthusiastic artisan of her sensual craft she offers comfort and satisfaction for multitudes of men who make their way into the decadent rooms of this unique whore house. Her sexual skills are exemplary based purely on how much she loves to fuck.

cast-rubber-necroRubber Necro: Mrs. Feenix becomes known as Rubber Necro after a day of strict and strenuous slut training at Rubber Bordello. Madame Snakeoil and Miss Nefarious recocognize the smoldering sensuality beneath her shy surface. They turn her into a defenseless play toy to be used for the pleasure of her anxiously awaiting husband.

cast-master-feenixMaster Feenix: A distinguished gentleman with a penchant for exotic sexual exploits, Master Feenix is a frustrated husband who desires more obedience and fervor from his young, innocent wife. He turns to the cruel and adept lusty ladies of Rubber Bordello to retrain his prudish companion.

cast-deviant-kadeDeviant Kade: Robert Leroy Parker AKA Deviant Kade AKA Butch Cassidy AKA Bitch Cassidy AKA Cassie is a tough gunslinging bank robber. He stumbles into the house of ill repute looking for redemption. He finds absolution from his wicked deeds by way of extreme humiliation, bondage and forced feminzation at the skillful hands of the women of Rubber Bordello.